Version 1.00 of Game Controller Tester

I am very pleased and proud to announce to official release of my Game Controller Tester out of beta.

It has been refined, polished, tweaked, beaten with a stick, shaken, stirred and abused in other ways I cannot put into words. Thoroughly tested and working very nicely.

Use this tool to test any input device, specializing in game controllers. Vibration, sensors, and touchpads are included. Pretty much every make of game controller is supported with specific visual layouts for the main brands.

Additionally, Simple Directmedia Library (SDL2) is used as a core, so if you are interested in game development, or need to see how SDL2  works, all events are exposed and displayed live.

This should be your go-to tool for too many reasons to list.

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Feb 23, 2022
GameConTest100NoAds.apk 1 MB
Feb 23, 2022

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