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Was bored and searched up "sandbox physics" on YouTube, then i found your video. It's quite nice actually, but i dont think performance would be that great on weak computers. Still, keep up the good work.

Thanks for showing interest. I'm planning to start working on this again soon, so I hope you can follow the progress with me. I already did a lot of work on it since this project and it's come a long way. It's very fast now, even on weaker CPUs:

That's quite great! I'll try to follow with the progress while i can. <3

Ah, too bad, it looks nice! I had a similar problem with my game. I totally underestimated the needed time for it, and while I published a working game, it's far from what I planned. I had to cut out many things from it.

I really enjoy reading the development log.

Thanks Adam, I'm currently re-working the whole thing to smooth everything out - it'll take time, but the result will be worth it. Watch this space. Noticed your game, too. Love the lighting effect, how did you do it? Raycasting?