Developing a new quiz game

Whilst trying to find a decent quiz game to play offline multiplayer around the same device, I noticed a distinct lack of choice, which gave me the idea to make Quiz Quartet. The main feature (not yet implemented in this prototype) will be 4 people sitting around a phone or tablet, each player answers questions using a corner of the touch screen. It's also possible to play using 4 game controllers. There's also a single player mode. As a lover of quiz games I find many of the questions in other games very hard to read or understand, especially if there's a limited time to answer. So I've focused on making questions that are easy to read, educational and engaging. People who have English as their second language should be able to equally enjoy the game.

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Sep 21, 2020
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Sep 21, 2020

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This really looks to be promising and sound really fun. Hope you complete it soon so me and my friends can play it. Especially in online mode (if you have it planned, which I hope you do).