It's starting to look a lot like... a game!

The game is starting to take shape in this update. Still a long way to go but the finish line to a complete game is much closer now. Here's what's new since 0.05 Alpha:

- Lots more changes and fixes to core engine and UI
- Retry on wrong answer
- Resume Game (per session for now, between sessions to-do)
- Countdown timer
- Better correct answer animation
- Coloured answers
- Background toggle option
- Deselect two of your least favourite categories
- Graphical mouse pointer

And since 0.02 Alpha:

- Cos and sin optimized with lookup tables
- A lot of changes to core engine
- Score display
- Level up
- More code teaks
- More UI changes
- Graphics added to pyramid game
- Continue button added after correct answer
- Better main loop


QuizQuartet006.apk 2 MB
Dec 09, 2020 839 kB
Dec 09, 2020

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