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Take a nostalgic trip down memory lane with this classic brick-breaker remake, brought beautifully into the modern world of gaming, retaining the retro charm of the original but with many added features.

A true indie production developed at home by a lone programmer.

If you prefer graphics over gameplay, then this game isn't for you. Development has been focused heavily on delivering an enjoyable silky-smooth gameplay experience, whilst still maintaining an enjoyable visual experience. It has to be played to be believed.

Ideal for TV and tablets.

  • Multiple control methods: mouse, keyboard, game controllers, touch screen, and tilt.
  • Developed using a reliable, fast, and compact in-house game engine.
  • Level editor.
  • Local multiplayer. Up to 3 players simultaneously using any available control method.
  • Weapons & ammunition. Each weapon has unique destructive qualities and are equally satisfying to use.
  • Physics: Solid ball physics makes it satisfyingly fun to play, rather than frustrating. Miss the ball by a couple of pixels? No worries, the ball gets chipped back into play, spinning off at a sharp angle. Enemy getting in your way? Swat it away with your paddle, or repeatedly ram it into a wall, shattering it into a shower of shrapnel and gems.
  • Shop: collect resources to trade for ammo, being aware of changing prices depending on supply-and-demand. Adds a strategic trading element to the game, making difficult to stockpile ammo and blitz every level with weapons.
  • Many mysterious features such as: portals; which add a unique puzzle element, helper bot; giving some much needed company in the void.
  • 240+ levels.
  • Regular updates. More levels and features coming soon.

(if enough buyers show interest)

  • Elite level set: 110 new super-difficult levels.
  • Mac, Linux & iOS versions.
  • Achievements.
  • Mod function.
  • Hard difficulty level.

What's new in 1.05?

  • Better mouse support in windowed mode
  • Various tweaks, bug fixes, and polishes
  • DPI aware; no more blurring due to Windows scaling

What's new in 1.04?

  • Fixed player spawning as spheres, rather than ships 
  • Fixed classic level 29 phantom brick
  • Fixed classic level 33 wormholes
  • Fixed bonus level bug in custom level set with no bonus levels
  • Improved sound code
  • Removed greenlight link from exit menu
  • Added vertical sync option
  • Fixed logo
  • New bitmap font
  • Better mouse control, especially sensitivity setting
  • Improved joystick support

What's new in 1.03?

  • URL links added to exit page
  • License agreement revised and renamed to EULA.
  • New tips powerup.
  • Catching a powerball is now dangerous to your health.
  • Multiball powerup now splits powerballs into 3.
  • Collecting a powerball powerup with a powerball now has lethal consequences.
  • Ball-affecting powerups now affect the powerball
  • End of level explosion centered at last impact point
  • Revised level editor help

Recommended minimum requirements:

  • Windows: XP, Vista, 8 & 10.
  • CPU: 1Ghz.
  • DirectX: 9.0 or later.
  • Hard Disk: 10mb.
  • RAM: 128mb.
  • Video RAM: 32mb.


Buy Now$2.99 USD or more

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PowBall Renaissance Demo 1.05 Install.exe 6 MB

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I've played, the full version of Powball Renaissance. It's an awesome game!! ;-) But when is the new version of Powball Renaissance available, with the new Elite-levels and hard-mode? I've created now 60 custom levels and 3 bonus levels :-)

Hi again Mitchel, good to hear from you again. Very excited to learn you've made 60 of your own levels - I'd love to play them!

Elite level set, hard difficulty, and other additions were planned depending on demand. Sales are very very low, unfortunately. Only 14 copies sold since it was published; very disappointed that more people haven't discovered this great game. For one year's solid work, I've made a massive loss already, so I can't afford to spend any more time on the game at the moment.

I've been working on something very new and exciting which I hope will be more popular. Watch this space.

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This is one of the best games that i've ever seen. I hope in the future there's an option to play a level longer than 3 minutes. There's one bug in the level editor: When you catch a Bonuslevel-key, the same level will repeat at next level; and the next level again. But I love this game, I can't wait for more updates/options :-D I've played the old Powball game since 1997 ;-)

Very pleased you've been following me for nearly 20 years. Good job finding the bug; this will happen when there are no bonus levels saved (levels 101+) in the editor. I've just this second fixed it, thanks to you. Sadly, not many people are interested in PowBall, so I have been spending my time working on new projects, but a new version will be uploaded soon. The level time-limit is a pain, I agree, but I needed to enforce a way to prevent a Rockhopper from farming certain levels endlessly for Alchemite. Any ideas? Maybe a limit to the amount of Alchemite you can carry? But then they'll still farm endless score...

Deleted post

Steam keys will available to everyone who buys the game here once it has been greenlit. Cloud-based leader-board and saved games are usually something you only see in large-production games made by large teams. It will take a long time for a lone indie developer to implement, but I'll do it once enough people show interest.


Breakout with a unique twist, not seen a level editor done in this kinda of game before.

Came here from this games steam green light page shame it's not had a better response, was planning on buying it there. Would be cool if it had online leader boards for the scores, though it's not a deal breaker. One of the best classic breakout games I've played in recent years. Windows 10 store seems full of generic and very basic breakout clones. And on android it's hard to find a breakout game that doesn't mess about with the classic concept by adding gimmicky ideas that don't add anything.

Classic breakout gameplay done right. Loved the 1995 PC classic, now redone for pc and android with loads of improvement's. Works perfectly on Windows 10 with 360 controller and ps3 controllers. Though I have found personally a mouse is easier to play. Looking forward to POW games future releases.