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Modern reboot of the 1997 DOS classic, PowBall. In this brick breaker game you use your paddle to hit the balls to smash the bricks as usual, but with a few added twists. There’s a choice of weapons and Alchemite to harvest which are exchanged for ammo, extra balls and extra lives. Not to mention asteroid and shoot-em-up sub-games. Played normally it is very challenging, so the key to surviving to the end level is careful planning and resource management. Fun as 1-player or up to 3 players local multiplayer.

Progress is saved automatically and once you've used up all your lives it's game over, so spend Alchemite on extra lives and balls when you can and use ammo sparingly.

♦ 240+ levels
♦ Level editor
♦ Up to 3 player local co-op
♦ Use any control method: mouse (recommended), game controller, keyboard, touch
♦ Shop: mine Alchemite from each level and trade it for ammo, balls & extra lives
♦ Under 10M lightweight download.
♦ Permadeath: no endless saving & loading means more challenging gameplay
♦ Local achievements & leaderboard - no need to be online
♦ Weapons: Auto cannon, laser & rocket launcher
♦ Solid gameplay physics
♦ Modding feature
♦ Regular updates
♦ Mysterious power-ups, portals, helper bots, sub-games, and much more

Coming Soon: (if there’s enough demand)
♦ 100+ Elite levels - extremely difficult levels
♦ 100+ Retro levels - original style Breakout levels
♦ Mac, Linux & iOS versions
♦ Cloud-based achievements & leaderboards
♦ More achievements
♦ Hard difficulty level

Recommended minimum requirements:
Windows: XP, Vista, 8 & 10
♦ CPU: 1Ghz
♦ DirectX: 9.0 or later
♦ Hard Disk: 10mb
♦ RAM: 128mb
♦ Video RAM: 32mb


Buy Now$2.99 USD or more

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