More polish and fixes in 2.05

This update will hopefully wrap-up any issues introduced in the major update and leave me to focus working on new projects for a while.  Please report any issues and feature requests though - some things only take a few minutes to adjust, so I will be on standby.

Here's a breakdown of what's changed since 2.03:

  • Tweaked lens bloom explosions and burning shrapnel life
  • Fixed brick collision after players going through wormholes
  • Fixed some Retro levels
  • Prettier game completion fireworks
  • Smooth fade-in of in-game and menu music
  • Runtime Visual Studio library now static linked
  • A few more graphical tweaks
  • Added sound quality option
  • More robust init & shutdown code
  • Fixed backdrop repeat draw bug
  • Better display-mode switching
  • Fixed text-editor insertion bug


PowBall Renaissance 2.05 Install.exe 7 MB
Apr 23, 2019
PowBall Renaissance Demo 2.05 Install.exe 7 MB
Apr 23, 2019

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