2.03 Update

  • Spelling corrections and some minor tweaks / fixes
  • Game controller controls improved further
  • Port & starboard engine jet decay tweaked
  • Added game controller deadzone option
  • Helper bot hp halved
  • Better gem brick clarity
  • More Retro bonus levels
  • Better spacing of the status bar
  • Player shrapnel is now harmful to all players unless in easy mode
  • Tips moved to end of level stats screen
  • Fixed shop re-entry bug and adjusted shop entry fee


PowBall Renaissance 2.03 Install.exe 7 MB
Mar 26, 2019
PowBall Renaissance Demo 2.03 Install.exe 7 MB
Mar 26, 2019

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I've one question about version 2.03: There are levels in the game where you have to use the wormhole to transport your bat to a higher place. But when you bring the bat back to the lower position, the wormholes don't work anymore and my bat goes through walls. And when I've collected 9000 diamonds, my bat can't catch the diamonds anymore. Is this right? Thanks for all your updates and your hard work  :-D

Yes, Alchemite will pass through you once you reach 9000 maximum.

Some levels of the Classic set have wormholes at player-level (like the original PowBall DeluXe). I've changed how this works recently and something might have broken. I'll test it now and it should be fixed in 2.04 if there's a problem. Some levels will trap you at the top once you go through one-way wormholes - this seems a bit crazy was intentional. You should drift back to to the bottom for the sub-game once the level is cleared.

Thanks for letting me know and don't hesitate to suggest anything else.