Achievements are finally here!

I've added 20 achievements to keep you busy. No need to be connected to Steam, or even be online. Start earning them now. Some are easy, some aren't. Can you get a perfect score?

More achievements will be added soon.

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This is a great game!! ;-) But I've one question about the achievement called "Fugitive" (kill the helper bot): I've killed the helper bot several times, but the Fugitive-achievement won't pop-up. I've completed the other 19 achievements. After completing the 19th achievement it shows "perfect" (completed all achievements). How can I earn the achievement "Fugitive"?

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Hello my #1 fan, lol. Good question. Might be a bug - I'll look into it.  A new version should fix this soon.  If you have ideas for more achievements, send them this way.

1.12 should fix this. Uploading it here now (I'll upload to Steam later). I'd actually forgotten to code any Fugitive achievement logic. Obviously my sub conscious didn't want anyone to be a bot-killer, lol. And I corrected the perfect achievement count now. Thanks so much for bringing this to my attention.

Adding new achievements is really easy, so think about any ideas you have.

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Hi, Thank you for fixing the bug :-)  I got a few idea's for new achievements: Survive 1 minute in "danger-zone" (danger begins after 3 minutes); Destroy 20 (or more) ufo's in 1 level; Complete 10 levels without losing a life; Complete Renaissance level set; Complete Classic level set; Complete the game on easy difficulty; Complete the game on normal difficulty.

I prefer to see it as a missing feature, rather than a bug ;-)

I've made a note of your achievement ideas - there are some good ones there, thank-you.

You're welcome ;-)