1.15 Brings multiplayer saves to PowBall Renaissance

Quite a few improvements in this build:

  • Improvements to rumble effect & option to turn rumble off
  • Improved game controller analogue movement
  • Multiplayer progress is now saved
  • Improved player physics
  • Various tweaks to user interface
  • Lower shop prices in easy difficulty mode


PowBall Renaissance 1.15 Install.exe 7 MB
Jun 25, 2018
PowBall Renaissance Demo 1.15 Install.exe 7 MB
Jun 25, 2018

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Hi Anthony :-) I must say something about version 1.15: The maximum of alchemites you can collect is 9000. But when I've reached that, sometimes  the counter resets to 0 randomly, when I play the next level. When the game is over then you've made a record in the hall of fame, but behind your name it shows "CHEAT!" Can you fix this bug? Thanks you for all your good work ;-)

It happens when you sell something in the shop which will exceed the 9000 maximum. This is now fixed in 1.16. Thanks for reporting :)

Thank you ;-)

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Great update again Anthony ;-) I'm still curious to the hard difficulty and elite levels. Greetings Mitchel (your number #1 fan haha)

Thanks! More levels sets and difficulty levels will depend on when I can spare limited time and resources on this game. If the sales pick up then it'll happen sooner, but I need to work on other games. I have an idea for a Retro level set which shouldn't take long to do. Watch this space :)